Quilts have been in the Works

Creating and making fiber has been first priority the last eight months months!

A variety of quilt methods were used to create quilts for the show. The focus is on sustainable and affirmation quilts including a few that are both. Using up-cycled fabrics have their own challenges including those that were rejected due to being too thin, thick or stiff. Not every type of fabric works well for repurposing. Be picky and chose fabric, shirts, tablecloths and lightweight drapery fabric that is 100% or 50% poly/50% cotton.








Using the Innova long arm quilting machine has enabled me to speed up the quilt making process. The machine is extremely accurate which allowed precise quilting and is highly recommended for the serious quilter!


Quilting Highlights

The quilt to the left is title, “Sleevee Wonder” and was created exclusively from men’s shirt sleeves. 

This affirmation quilt was also made primarily with upcycled fabric. 


Women’s Voices III: Make/Believe Art Show

Glass piece accepted for this show is titled

This piece/show was held in part at the Southern Illinois Art Museum in Carbondale, Illinois and Logan Museum in Murphysboro, Illinois.

This is a fused glass piece made with sheet glass, vitro-graph stringers and frit.